Friday, May 29, 2009

A smile is simple...right?

I came across an old book on the shelf in our staff room called The Crucial Dimension. Our ESL teacher is always great finding these things. It was written by the Wattle Park Teachers Centre and was last published in 1988.

I love this book. It is full of these questions that all teachers should ask themselves. The first section is all about the teacher student relationship. It asks the question, "Do I acknowledge each child individually daily?". It seems simple, of course I do. I? While I say good morning to the class as a group and I start the day positively, I can't say for sure if every child feels like I have paid that special bit of attention to them, especially the more difficult children.

One of the ways they suggest is extremely simple and I am sure I do it regularly however I can't be sure unless I make a conscious decision to do it. My task today is to sincerely smile at every child, not just those who come to me to make a joke or have a conversation. I know it sounds very simple and it is, however it doesn't mean that we all do it as much as we should.

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