Sunday, June 7, 2009

Matrix Magic

This is a great system that can be used in any classroom. I have prodimently used the Spelling matrix and handwriting matrix since we began last term. The children in my class are very much ESL and this has been very successful in improving their spelling. They are able to write more efficiently and with greater detail as they are not coming to me as often to spell a word. They are all able to work at their own pace, which means that no children are being left behind or feeling like they are being held back.

The program not only works for the students but also for me. There are clear steps in the process and is easy to manage. Students are so enthused about learning words, they ask to do their spelling matrix in their own time. I attended a professional development workshop that explained the whole process. If you would like to read more check out the website.

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  1. Hey Hiedi

    Great idea with the blog here!

    I missed the last matrix magic thing, I'm going to see if i can make it to the next one instead.