Saturday, June 20, 2009


As part of the new Values Education program at school, I have been talking about Responsibility with my class. The Reception teacher and I decided that we would make some art work about roles and responsibilities the children have at school. We gave the Year 1s a Reception buddy and they drew together a scene of children being responsible. We watered down paint and they painted over their pictures. They turned out quite well.

Responsibilities they listed were things like, picking up rubbish, keeping their tables tidy, asking before they leave the room, keeping their things safe and more along these lines. We went on throughout the term discussing responsibilities at home, in our environment, at the public library etc.

They were so excited about their posters, they showed them at the assembly.


  1. Hey hi; this is what we try to do in management too :), it looks so simple, but it has a rather deep impact :)
    nice post and nice blog