Thursday, July 2, 2009

Themes: Space

I plan each term around a theme. Last term I focused on Space. The class were really interested in it and with their families, did their own research at home. It can be hard to get my girls interested in anything to do with Science, but they loved it. As usual I planned much more than we actually got done due to the normal chaos in a school. Below is my theme planner, which describes the focus for each week.

Week 1 Introduce the theme of Space (Science); Brainstorm what children know and what they would like to find out. (Science/English/SOSE)

Week 2 Night and Day; What are the features of the sun? (Science); Make a paper plate sun (The Arts/Design & Technology)

Week 3 Night and Day; What are the features of the moon? (Science); Make a paper plate blue moon (The Arts/Design & Technology) - The moons were extremely successful. Will upload photos soon.

Week 4 What are stars? How many are there? How old are stars? (Science); Make stars with collage material (The Arts/Design & Technology); Who studies the stars? Introduce the word astronomer (SOSE/Science)

Week 5 The Planets. Learn the names of the planets. What is the name of our planet? (Science)

Week 6 The Planets. Cut and paste the planets in order from the sun (Science/Design & Technology); Create a picture of what you would see through a telescope (Science/The Arts)

Week 7 How do we see into space? Investigate the tools used to explore space (Science)

Week 8 How do humans travel into space? Investigate the different machines that travel in space (Science, Technology), Introduce the word astronaut. What do they do? (SOSE)

Week 9 Robots in Space. Investigate how robots are used in space (Science, Technology); Who makes robots? (SOSE); Design a robot and construct it with collage materials (The Arts and Design & Technology)

We also went to the Planetarium on an excursion with the Reception class. Be aware that when the lights go out, you may have a few crying or scared children....we did!!

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