Saturday, August 22, 2009

Themes: Plants

This term's theme is 'Plants'. Below is the curriculum plan. As usual, I am sure there will be additions throughout the term due to the fact that I have seen another excellent resource.

1. Brainstorm what children know about plants and what they want to find out. Display in the classroom
2. Label the parts of a plant & flower (Science)
Seeds – What is a seed? What do they look like? How is a seed planted? Torn Paper Art - garden scenes (Art)
3. Make a wall chart of different seeds. Allow children to see and feel each kind.(Science)
4. Sketch plants we can see in our schoolyard (Art)
Collect leaves, bark and natural objects from the ground. Make a nature display (Science)
5. Illustrate the lifecycle of a plant/flower (Science)
Grow grass heads.
6. Discuss: What do plants need to live? (Science)
Experiments with seedlings. One on the windowsill receiving light, the other in a cupboard. Children to predict what they think will happen. (Science)
7. Water
When we water a plant, how does it absorb the water? Draw a blue line on our labelled picture of how the water travels.
8. The Sun
Do all plants need the sun? Discuss the varying plant labels from shops, which give instructions for that plant (Science)

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