Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Don't throw bubble wrap away

I have to say that I heard about this idea from a good friend of mine who was working in an Infant room at the time and I just thought it was such a simple activity. Whenever her centre or staff received any goods that was wrapped in bubble wrap, they would tape it to the floor. Children found this so interesting and were walking over it all day. If children are allowed to take their shoes off, this is great for sensory exploration.

Other things you could use are cellophane, wrapping paper and pieces of material. Obviously you need to ensure that these are taped firmly to the ground and children are supervised. I would recommend packing tape.


  1. Bubble wrap is also a great thing for movement activities with young students that include students with special needs.

    One way: Set up several circles on the floor. You can play music for the students to move through the space and then when the music stops they have to find a spot to stand on. If you cover the circles in bubble wrap the student who is visually impaired or in a wheelchair will have an auditory signal they are in the "freezing place" when they make the bubbles pop. A child who needs increased sensory input will benefit from this technique as well.

  2. Thanks for the idea. =)All children would like that game too.