Sunday, September 20, 2009

Don't throw it away...

Keep the cardboard inner ring from the tape when it's finished. These make wonderful shapes for students to trace around and it doesn't matter how messy they become. They are also great to use as paint stencils. Just dip one side in paint and make a circle collage. They can be excellent for constructing 3D art too. I have also made a list of materials that can always be used in inventive ways and don't cost much at all.

Plastic bottle lids                   Milk cartons
Film canisters                        Margarine containers
Junk Mail                              Glue stick lids
Bubble Wrap                         Wrapping paper
Brochures                              Buttons
Plastic bags                           Egg cartons
Straws                                   Patti-pans
Plastic spoons                       Alfoil
Magazines                            Pegs
Tinsel                                    Pipe cleaners

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