Monday, October 19, 2009

Zoo Questions

I have just begin our unit of work on the zoo. I have found it really useful to start a Zoo Question book. I just used a spare scrap book and began writing down all their questions on the first page. Right now we have two pages of questions that student's want answered. Personally, I love beginning a unit of work in this way because it gives student's some control over their own learning and they are also able to do some research independently.

I have listed our questions below. They may give you some ideas if ever planning a unit on animals.
  • Why do we need zoos?
  • How many animals does ___________ Zoo have?
  • Why does an elephant have a trunk?
  • Why does a Zebra have stripes?
  • How does a lion pull it's claws back into it's paws?
  • What happens when an animal gets sick in the zoo?
  • How heavy is an elephant?
  • What is a nuthatch?
  • How does a cheetah run so fast?
  • Why does a cheetah need to run fast?
  • Why do bears hibernate during Winter?
  • Why can't we feed zoo animals with food from home?
  • Does a lion/tiger swim?

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