Saturday, January 2, 2010

Bilby Moon

Written by Margaret Spurling Illustrated by Danny Snell

I was given this book by my Supervising Teacher during one of my Uni Practicums. It is a beautifully illustrated book with an adorable story. The story centres around little bilby seeing the moon for the very first time. The problems begin when the moon begins to change and Bilby becomes very frantic that the moon has disappeared. Bilby is under the impression that a part of the moon has gone missing, so asks all the other Australian animals to look for it. It is a cute story that has proven to be loved by many children.

Teaching Points
Australian Animals - Animal Study
Learn and illustrate the phases of the moon
Make a model of a bilby
Research and discuss nocturnal animals
Hire a classroom pet and learn how to take care of it e.g. a lizard
Cut out coloured pictures of Australian animals and have children draw their habitat around them
Make a list of all the animals that live in the school environment or in the backyard

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