Sunday, January 3, 2010

Lesson Ideas - All Things Fantasy

I begin my planning by choosing a theme and making lists of activities/lessons that I could implement in my classroom. I spend a long time thinking about where each lesson will fit into the curriculum and whether or not they are able to be integrated between several learning areas. I also find ideas online, in books and consult with colleagues. I found many useful ideas related to my first theme, 'All Things Fantasy' on Humanity Quest.
  • Create a collage of fantasy creatures
  • Cut and paste different parts of fantasy creatures together to invent a new creature
  • Write questions that could be used to interview a fantasy character
  • Make fantasy masks
  • Read a fictional story that has a fantasy theme. Books about animals works particularly well. Sort the information in the book into fact or fiction. This also works well with placing events in the book into the categories of likely or unlikely. e.g. A fact is that ducks have feathers. It is fiction that a duck wears pants. 
  • Write a profile for a fantasy character e.g. Name, Where it lives, What it eats, Size, Gender and so on
  • Design a lost poster for a fantasy character
  • Make lits of adjectives and character traits that describe something fantasy 
  • Compare two characters e.g. giants and dragons
  • Make a boardgame related to fantasy

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