Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Teaching and Learning Cycle - Narrative Writing

This year, our school has decided that we would try planning using the teaching and learning cycle (There is so much information online about this). I had not really even heard about it, so trying to put learning experiences into their correct stage was difficult. Relief came when I realised that I had already been incorporating these learning experiences in my classroom and following this process. 
The whole idea of the Teaching and Learning Cycle is to explicity teach students how to construct specific genres. The key is that the teaching is meant to be explicit. Is it not reasonable to assess a student using criteria they have not been taught. It is important that you have demonstrated the whole process of writing a text, the planning, writing, editing and publishing. The stages of the cycle are Building the Field, Modelling/Deconstrucing, Joint Construction and finally Independent Construction
It can take a little while to get your head around these stages, however I think, like me, you will discover that these are all things you were doing before. The good thing about putting them into a separate planning cycle is that you can see what stage you are not focusing on as much and possibly why. If you have focused on Independent Construction, how are you ensuring that students can do this successfully throughout the other stages?
I have attached my planning, however I am sure I will continue to add to this with more experience and the learning may even take a direction I was not expecting. My planning focuses on teaching narrative writing through fantasy. 
Click here to download my planning. 
I will post more about my planning as they are implemented in class. 

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