Saturday, April 10, 2010

Harmony Day

These posters were made during some shared activity time first with the Year 3 class, and then with the Reception class. We made them to celebrate Harmony Day and to focus on Australia being a very multicultural society. You could also use them as part of a Values Education or SOSE Curriculum. If you were going to do this, you may choose a more appropriate heading such as "Friendship", "Sharing", "People" or "Respect".
First, I asked them to cut roughly around the handprint. You could trace each student's hand or use a printed one. (We used a printed one). This was important because it minimalised the waste of coloured pictures. To make it easier for the Receptions, I had previously cut out pictures for them to glue. I asked them to glue on the other side of the hand, instead of the side with the handprint outline. This just made cutting around the hand easier as students could turn the paper over and cut on the line. After this, they glued their hands on A3 paper. You could ask students to write "Harmony Day" or use a poster that has those words already printed on it. Students are then free to decorate their paper in any way they like. You can see from the pictures that some of the students did go all out with the decorating.


  1. Those came out really nice! Makes me miss the classroom a little.

    I gave you a little shout out on my blog today. I answered a question you had about my weight loss a little while ago.

  2. Some of the children decided to put all this work into gluing the faces onto the hands then gluing the hands face down onto their poster...but we were able to save them.

    Thanks for shout out, I'll have to go check it out now.



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