Friday, June 3, 2011

The 'at' Word Family

Over my time as a Reception and an EALD teacher, I have come across some excellent ideas for teaching word families. Below are resources and ideas for learning the 'at' word family.

Have students draw a picture to match a sentence using 'at' words. e.g. A fat rat sat on the mat
Make a word map of 'at' words (Class word map or one that students create)
Cut out the letters from a magazine or newspaper to make 'at' words. Glue them in a book or make a poster.
Use playdough to make 'at' words.
Go on an 'at' hunt around the school. Students can write and draw things they see that have the sound 'at' in them. 
Make crazy hats.
Make a paper plate cat/rat
Type up sentences using 'at' words then jumble them up. Students then have to cut and paste the words back into the correct order.
Make a class book about 'at' words. Each student can write a sentence or a story using these words and then staple or bind them together to make a book.

Web Resources
'at' mini books - In My Hat and The Copycat
Mrs Alphabet - 'at' word list suggestions
Enchanted Learning *Membership required

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