Thursday, November 17, 2011

Turtle Day - Day 2

Today's session was very simple but my students really enjoyed it and they were very successful.
Read the story. During reading, instead of reading those words that can be decoded simply, sound them out. These words are words that can be said using the sounds of the alphabet. A word such as 'he' can not be used because the 'e' sound is a long sound. 

"Early i-n (students would then say 'in) the morning"
"so Turtle w-e-n-t for a s-w-i-m"
"so he came out of his sh-e-ll" (Depending on what sounds you have taught in class)

I was really surprised how engaged my students were. You could follow up with sorting the words into categories. 
  • How many sounds in the word e.g. in = 2    swim = 4
  • How many letters in the word  
  • Make a word find searching for the words in the book
  • Clap the sounds
  • Have cardboard letters and ask students to hold the cards up to create the words you have discussed. 

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