Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Meet Habiba

I actually came across this site by chance. I have a new blog called Passport, Tickets and a Suitcase, all about my travels, some overseas, but mostly at the moment, within Australia. Because of this love of travelling, I have spent quite awhile searching the internet for others who also share this passion. 
I found a travel blog by Bernadette Simpson, called Escapade through Egypt. I would recommend anyone who likes photography to take a look. The photos are just wonderful. From this blog, I found Habiba. Habiba is Bernadette's 'alter ego' and she is the star of Bernadette's picture books. 

The books are written in both English and Arabic. This is a very valuable resource if you have any Arabic speaking children in your classroom, but also to expose other students to other languages. I believe it is important for children of all cultures to recognise that we all communicate in different ways and that our words are written in different scripts. Lastly, anyone who has been looking for resources in Arabic would know how difficult they are to find. I really hope you find them useful. Personally, I plan to print them off and laminate them to hopefully make them last longer. 

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