Monday, February 6, 2012

A New School Year

It's Week 2 of Term 1 for 2012. I have had an excellent break from school and even went on a cruise to New Zealand. (If you do want to read more about my holiday, you can read about it on Passport, Tickets and a Suitcase)

Akaroa, NZ

Currently I have returned once again to relief/substitute teaching. I do quite enjoy this and every now and again I get a day off and don't feel guilty =). It now means I have to get back to writing more posts and catching up with the posts that I did not get to finish from last year. I am looking forward to another good year and I hope you will be around to check out my blog. I have also discovered so many new blogs about teaching and education and would love to find more, so if you have one yourself or you know of a great blog, I want to hear about it. With thanks, Hiedi.

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