Wednesday, August 1, 2012


I came across this website from a simple google search when looking for alphabet bingo. The wonderful thing about this website is that you can select what kind of bingo you want and it opens to a bingo board it has generated. Hit refresh and you will get another bingo board. It makes this task very easy and saves a lot of time. I have made lower case and capital letter bingo but there are many themes available. 

I keep them in a folder in plastic sleeves and put a little bit of sticky tape up top so they don't slide about. I am tired of laminating and this makes storage very easy on a shelf somewhere. I made sure I had 2 copies and numbered them so that if one goes missing, I do not have to sort through the originals trying to find which one I need to photocopy again. It has been a fantastic way for my ESL students to practice their letter names. For more experienced learners, you may ask them to think of a word that begins with or contains or ends in, that letter. 

Click here to see the full list of bingo boards available.

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