Saturday, January 18, 2014

Goldilocks and the Three Bears Part 4

Re-telling stories and sequencing is a very difficult skill and for my students, as well as remembering the sequence of events, I am also asking them to re-tell the story in a language they are less familiar with. It does not mean that it is not worth it or above their abilities to try, however the expectations of my 4-5 year olds to be able to use long or even complete sentences is unrealistic. I am aware of which students should be able to do this and the ones that will need much more scaffolding, as in any teaching situation. 

To allow for those students who will have more difficulty, you will see in the photo below that I colour coded the cards, so that if a student could not actually tell me in English which scene/event was next, they could identify it by the colour. Once they had done that, I asked them could they use any English words to describe what is happening in the picture. Some said singular words like 'bed' and so there were more guiding questions asked about maybe who was in the bed or which bed Goldilocks was in. Other times, I then asked their peers 'Can anyone help .......? Can you use some English to tell us what is happening?'. 

It was definitely a collaborative activity and if the wrong card was chosen we discussed why it may be wrong by comparing it to the other pictures. One example of this, a student chose the picture of the The Bears finding Goldilocks in the bed, instead of the picture of Goldilocks sleeping in the bed. We then as a group looked at the leftover pictures and talked about when in the story, the The Bears came home. At the end of the lesson, I re-told the story again using the cards. 

Again, as my students take home a Memory Book at the end of the year, I decided that they would cut, sequence and glue the events onto one of the pages. Depending on the aim of the lesson, there doesn't need to be an end product. For my students, I am hoping that when they look at this again, they may be able to remember the story and try re-telling to their family when they show their books at the end of the year. It may also inspire them to find the story online or in the library at a later time. I should mention too, that the numbers were written after they had glued them to their page, again to help them re-tell it after time has passed.

You can find the cards I used on SparkleBox here. I realised that my resources so far have come from SparkleBox, but there are many more. Keep an eye out for a future post where I will share some of the other great resources out there. If you also have one to share for Goldilocks, I'd love to hear about it. 

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