Monday, January 6, 2014

Goldilocks and the Three Bears

I am about to start a unit on Goldilocks with my 4-5 year olds and am using the version by Sarah Delmege (ISBN 978-1-4454-7794-7). A search online for this book, made for a wonderful discovery that it is online for you to read here.

All of my students are ESL students and therefore it is really important that I read the text before showing my class and make a list of words I may need to explain and words that may be new to them. Even for students whom English is their first language, we can not assume that they will understand all vocabulary words in a text. This is still only a guide, and you may have a different list for your class. I start by making a list of general vocab words and characters within the text. 

  • Three Bears - Baby Bear, Mummy Bear, Daddy Bear
  • Goldilocks
  • woods
  • home/house (and sometimes cottage in different versions)
  • bowl & spoon
  • porridge
  • kitchen table
  • living room
  • little, medium-sized, big + biggest and smallest
  • chair & cushions
  • hard & soft
  • hot & cold

Having spent quite a bit of my time training in Functional Grammar, I also make a list of processes we will see in a book, to use in future lesson plans. 

Processes (or verbs)

was playing                 bouncing                           cooled down                   watched
followed                    stopped                    sniffed                       screamed
squeaked                    woke up                    grumbled                       found herself
 been eating                   lives                    skipped                                  said
went                            been sitting                              saw                              growled
knocked                         swung open                    ran off                                   heard
been sleeping                         taste                    told                   ate
cried                                     roared                    gasped                                  climbed
clambered                              beamed                    broke                                     lie down
jumped                sighed (happily)                    crawled                     stepped

Additional words that may need to be explained (Also seen in bold above)

  • pebbly path
  • near
  • middle
  • rumble
  • delicious
  • fell asleep
  • perfect
  • beamed
  • footprints
  • squishy
  • straigtening

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