Thursday, March 12, 2015

Recount Writing

We are learning about recount writing. In the first week of school, I asked students to write a recount about their holidays. I used this as an initial assessment to determine the starting teaching point for recount.

We started with a blank template.
Download the template here.

It then became clear that students needed help in understanding the structure and purpose of a recount. I then wrote a recount and together we analysed the text using the colours and rules of Functional Grammar.

Together we also brainstormed all the processes (verbs) that students knew. These were then used in the following lesson plans. Students were asked to cut and paste words in the correct order. 

You can download all three sets below.

I am currently in the middle of creating a picture dictionary that students can use during writing time. My more abled students will be given this sheet.

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