Friday, July 1, 2016

Preparation for our Insects unit

It is our last week of Term here in Adelaide and I am ready for our 2 week break. During this time, as well as some relaxing, I will be planning for the following term. I am going to bring my spiny leaf insects into my studio (classroom), however I want this to be meaningful, not simply so I can get them out of my house ;). Before I start the planning process, I wanted to know what students already knew about insects in order to make the classroom curriculum more relevant to my specific learners. 

Today we brainstormed what we knew about insects. To begin with, we had to establish a common understanding of the word 'insects'. Having EALD learners, they were more familiar with the word 'bugs'. They had some interesting and some inaccurate ideas about insects but I wrote them all down because it proved a great starting point. I am hoping that the language used to talk about insects will be developed throughout our learning and I hope together as a group we can go back to this brainstorm to reflect on our learning.

I then asked students to draw what they think an insect is. Again to inform me about what students knew and also as an assessment tool at the end of our unit of learning. While some are absolutely adorable in cartoon form, I am hoping that they will be able to draw some more realistic pictures next term. 

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