Tuesday, September 23, 2014

My New Home By Dawn McMillan

We read this book over and over and the students asked to read it in their free time also. I used this with a group of 10 students.

What we did with the book

  • read the book together
  • read the book with each student reading a page
  • found the 'doing words'/processes/verbs in the book
  • counted words in sentences
  • counted letters in words
  • read the book and put our hands on our nose/head when we read a particular word e.g. my, said, dig
  • found the high frequency words
  • Used the colours for Functional Grammar to highlight aspects of the text e.g. participant, process, circumstance

We also created our own paper books where students cut and glued the story back together. I gave them little black and white wombats to place on the page on the same way they were in the book. They then coloured them, one grey, one brown. Students were then able to go home and read this to their family.

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