Friday, September 12, 2014


We have been a little wombat mad recently. These loveable Australian animals have been our inspiration for a unit of work involving guided reading, oral language, writing information reports and writing descriptions. The group of ten students (Year 1 & 2 EALD/ESL students) I work with have become wombat experts and are very proud of their learning. 

I thought I would start by sharing the learning experiences we had, which ended with the students presenting their newly gained knowledge at the assembly.

I will explain some of these in more detail in future posts. These links will be bold. 

  • Read (several times) the Oxford Guided Reading book 'My New Home' by Dawn McMillan
  • Students to reconstruct 'My New Home' in a stapled book. 
  • Viewing clips/videos of wombats
  • As a group explore and jointly construct a description of a koala (to use a template for independent construction)
  • Label a photograph of a wombat
  • Use labelled photograph to write a description of a wombat
  • Read (several times) the Oxford Guided Reading book 'Common Wombats' by Carmel Reilly
  • Independently construct an Information report about wombats
  • Excursion to Gorge Wildlife Park to see wombats and other Australian animals
  • Make a burrow for a wombat. 

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