Monday, October 20, 2014

Recount Writing - Word Wall

This is what is up on the wall all the time during our recount writing session. The photos I took from but I actually used a screenshot of the photos to add my own writing. It is not that these are not a good resource, instead it is because they don't reflect the language I have been using with my students. It is for this reason that I changed the writing and colours to match our prior learning. 

The words under the headings are just written on scrap bits of paper and are added to as students need them. We do also use dictionaries and students are free to search for their required word or have-a-go. Once they have found it, we add it to the wall. 

We have spent a lot of time focusing on the adding of circumstances, 'when' and 'who with?'. My students at the beginning of the year may have been able to write 'I went to the park' (after we spent a long time getting them out of using the word 'go'). I started by asking when they did this e.g. On the weekend, On Saturday, On Sunday, Last night to name a few. I asked them to write this at the beginning of the sentence, though at the end still would have worked well. After we had achieved this successfully we started talking about who we went somewhere with, or who we played with and so on. 

Our next step might be to concentrate on a different circumstance or change the sentence structure around. 

Obviously the verbs/processes are in past tense in order to the fulfil the recount writing genre requirements, but this same type of writing prompts could be used with other genres. I have my paper on the wall with blu-tac, and this makes it easy to change papers. You could also put plastic sleeves on the wall and slide the paper out when writing a different genre. 

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