Friday, October 10, 2014

Wombat Description

I wanted my students to become 'wombat experts', to learn everything we could about wombats, with end goals of being able to first confidently and accurately talk about wombats and to write an Information Report about them. Keeping these in mind, all the learning we had achieved was to keep us interested in wombats, always looking at new videos, finding new books, looking at photos of wombats and discussing wombats. I wanted my students to be as successful as they could be, and so I tried hard to keep learning exciting and I wanted to arm them with the skills they needed. 

One step before writing an Information Report was writing a Description. Before they could write a description, they needed to know the names of wombat body parts and think of descriptive words they may use when writing their own Descriptions. We printed off a photograph of a wombat and set to work. Students were then able to use this as resource when writing independently. 

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