Sunday, January 25, 2015

My Studio

I have a new studio (classroom) this year and had the long task of arranging the room, and then of course rearranging the room. It is not 'finished' and it is almost certain that I will change things around after seeing how the students interact with the room. I'll post any changes I make, so check back soon.

This corner of the room will serve as a space where students can sit and relax and read, use it as a workspace or perhaps to calm down. I have already scored a new cane table to put in the corner and place the plant on top.

This is my 'home corner'. The coffee table will be used in play, but also serve as another table for students to work.

 A very sturdy shelf for students to stand on in order to reach the whiteboard. It will also be used to store whiteboard markers, dusters and name tags for students when we have a guest or relief teacher in the studio.

I currently have 3 pot plants in the room and these drawers were donated to me from a teacher who was cleaning out her studio. Inside I have placed student whiteboards, blackboards etc. I wrapped the plastic pot in hessian and tied it with a rope. It was a quick and cheap way of transforming it. 

 Pencil pots were made from mugs, glass jars and black metal tins, which I have covered with material or string. There is a colour theme of green and blue, mixed with natural colours. I have tried to reduce the amount of plastic that is used in my studio. This will be an ongoing process.

Items in the rooms are stored in baskets and containers made from natural resources where possible.

This is the entrance to my studio. The table will be used throughout the year to display and inform others of our learning.


  1. It's beautiful! I like how you used real furniture instead of cheap plastic "kids stuff." It's elegant and practical!

  2. Thank you. Hopefully it will be workable for my students. Thanks for visiting :)