Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Minton Goes Sailing

I read this book to my studio (R-3 EALD learners) as part of our unit on transport. The story centres around Minton a salamander and his turtle friend. Minton wanted to explore the island across the sea and needed a boat to get there. At this point we stopped and I asked students to write a prediction of what kind of boat they think Minton will make. At this stage students were familiar with the words sailboat, canoe, kayak, gondola and ship. Some students were able to use their decoding skills and predict accurately from the picture on the front. I also asked students to record what they think Minton could make a boat with. 

We then continued to read the story and then constructed a short text together about what happened in the story. 

It also has the instructions to make your own Minton sailboat. Worth a look.

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