Thursday, September 3, 2015

Introducing Money

I began a unit on money with my R-3 EALD learners this week. It ties in very well with our Supermarket and Chinese Restaurant role play areas (I'll share those soon) and the Royal Adelaide Show, which starts tomorrow. 

I really wanted to find out what my learners knew about money in the first session to determine content needed, possible sequence and how explicit teaching might need to be. We started with a brainstorm. During the brainstorm I took note of individual students who offered ideas and those who appeared to have no prior knowledge or confidence to participate.
As you can see, their ideas did not really include mathematical language, however I have total confidence that we can improve this over the unit. 

From there, we looked at Australian coins. 
I asked individual students to locate and trace over the numbers on each coin. A few students did not know that the value of the coin was there so this was a good activity for them to create more awareness.

I then circled the 5c, 10c, 20c and 50c coins and asked students to think about what they noticed. They were able to tell me that each one had the word 'cents', 3 of them were 'circle shape' and they were the same colour. 

We then followed the same process with the gold coins. Tracing the numbers on the coin and discussing the similarities. 

We ended the session by counting how many coins there were. 

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