Friday, November 20, 2015

Camping Role Play Area

I have recently removed my supermarket and Chinese restaurant role play areas and replaced it with a campsite. 

 This is a 2 person tent but it would work just as well with one of those pop up sun shelters. Notice our 'rock' to fish from.

 As the poles would usually be held down with guy ropes and pegs, they will not stand up freely. I had to use a rubber band around the base of the poles and the tent loops. 

 This magnet fishing game was bought from Kmart. Children place the material however they like to create the 'water'. The jar isn't exactly authentic but it stops the strings from being tangled.

These are vocabulary flashcards I made using a Google image search (free for non commercial use). SparkleBox has a cartoon set but I try to avoid cartoon images. 

The plan is to go on a bit of a 'hike' around the school to find some sticks for a fire and add this to our campsite. 

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