Sunday, November 8, 2015

Use those old calendars

Okay, so people always say that teachers never throw things away and I for one am guilty of that. With an upcoming house move and possible classroom move, I HAD to clean up my study at home. I decided that unless I could use it now or in the very near future, it could not stay. It has been working well because it has forced me to actually get moving on all those projects I have swirling around my head. 

What I did find was a pile of old calendars, which I had kept probably to use as posters or the photos were just too nice to throw away. I've now made use of these in two different ways. 

The first, I have used to make a birthday chart. With limited wall space, I don't have a birthday chart hanging up but this is a good solution. 

Each page is placed and stapled inside a plastic sleeve, which can be written on with a whiteboard marker. The sleeves are then stapled together and the edge is covered with thick tape. 

I used a coloured piece of paper behind each picture to hide the used calendar on the back. 

I am also always looking for different ways to encourage writing. I used these calendar pictures of animals to inspire students. 

Like the birthday chart, each page is placed in a plastic sleeve to make for easier cleaning. Children then write a sentence/word/story about the picture. What I like about this is that it is suitable for a variety of abilities. 

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